Oh, Canada: Brown sugar fudge

May 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Every year in elementary school, we had a day to celebrate our cultures. I went to a bilingual French-English school in the heart of San Francisco and all my classmates brought in great traditional French, Japanese, you name it, dishes. I always approached this day with much trepidation — the farthest back we’ve been able to trace my dad’s side of the family is Missouri and my mother’s English Canadian cuisine is a little lacking. That is, if you’re not a fan of marzipan-topped fruitcake or plum pudding. Which I wasn’t, when I was eight. And I’m still not, at 19. So international culture day was a subject of a lot of debate in my household, and nervousness on my part. My mom finally settled on making maple tarts, which seemed to fit into Canadian cuisine despite the fact that I have never seen them in Canada and I’m fairly certain she made them up on the spot. I mean, she hasn’t made them once since I graduated from elementary school.

So in honor of my Canadian side, I give you a real Canadian recipe. My friend and teammate Emma comes from Montreal and recently made this true Quebecois fudge for her French class. I’ve never had fudge that was not chocolate, but this one is made simply with two types of sugar and crème.

Also, this post could not come at a better time, with the Canadiens tied 1-1 with the Penguins in the Stanley Cup Semifinals. Go Habs!

Quebec Fudge

2 cups brown sugar
1 cup white sugar
1 cup heavy cream (at least 35% fat)
butter to grease the pan

Mix together the white and brown sugars until fully uniform. Add crème. Stir the mixture in a saucepan over high heat until the liquid is at 240 ° F. Be sure to only stir the mixture one way. Take it off the stove and continue to stir for another 5 minutes, this time in the opposite direction. Pour into a grease pan and let set. Cut into small squares. Do not refrigerate.

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